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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Luke 14:33

"Therefore likewise, all of you who do not give up all of his possessions is not able to be my disciple."

Jesus is crazy.  Nobody actually takes what he says seriously, or so it seems.  Virtually no one, even Christians, believe Jesus means what he says or if they do believe it they do not live it.  Jesus starts this exhortation by saying that those who do not hate their mother, brothers, father, wife, children, and even their own life are also not able to be his disciples.  Jesus is most definitely crazy for who then could be his disciple?

Or Jesus is the Son of God and everything already belongs to him.

Everything that exists is always and already owned by him.  By giving all things up and acknowledging that you have absolutely no right or entitlement to them, that they are in fact all gifts from Christ's hand, you can then become a disciple.  By admitting that your family is not yours, you give them over to He who can take better care of them that you could.  Even you are not your own, but you were created by Christ, through Christ, and in Christ and bought with a price.

Give to Christ what is rightfully his.  Own nothing but use every good gift God has given you.  Give up everything to Christ and don't be surprised if he gives them back to you as gifts or asks you to carry your cross a little further to Calvary.

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