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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Deuteronomy 5:17

"You shall not murder."

Those who read the Bible without insight see this commandment as hypocrisy.  God commands us not to murder, but does he not take life?  Does he not also command others to kill? Such people do not understand the spirit of the commandment.

If a man is wicked and unrepentant and causes much suffering while he is alive, God's justice dictates this man be removed from the earth not to punish the wicked man but to protect the innocent.  God is also the one who gave life in the first place to be used not for wickedness but for good.  The life we own is a life borrowed from eternity, entrusted to our care by the creator God.  We are not to do as we please with it, especially depriving another of their gift of life as well.

The spirit of this commandment is one that requires us not only to murder someone in our hands, but in our hearts as well.  Life was not granted to be spent hating each other.  Such hatred is not of God and has no place in God's creation.  God cannot dwell in hearts that are filled with malice (not the same as anger).  He cannot be worshiped by a heart filled with hate.  This is why murder and hatred share the same judgment. (Mt 5:22)

Forgiveness, mercy, compassion, and love are from God.  The command not to hate and murder is the same command to love God and your neighbor stated different ways.  Do not hold onto bitterness, but learn to forgive and let go for in the end it will only destroy you.