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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Deuteronomy 15:9

"Be careful not to harbor this wicked thought: "The seventh year, the year for canceling debts, is near," so that you do not show ill will toward your needy brother and give him nothing. He may then appeal to the LORD against you, and you will be found guilty of sin."

In the world we live in today, debt is a common occurrence.  Everyone has been in debt at some point.  So pervasive is this debt that even the entire nation is in debt.  Corporations had needed to borrow trillions in loans to stay afloat.  Even now America has had to raise its debt ceiling to avoid economic catastrophe by our defaulting on our bills.

America is caught in a never ending cycle of debt, having to borrow money just to pay back money they already borrowed.  This is nothing new to the LORD.  He foresaw the slavery and captivity being in debt causes and has chosen to set his people free even from debt.  He declared on every 7th year all debts would be canceled, breaking the debt cycle and setting the captives free

But men, in our selfishness, refused to lend money to those who could not pay us back by the time of the 7th year.  So the poor are left to be poorer and the rich become richer at the expense of the poor.  Our economy is sin and based on greed.  Is there any wonder why it is failing?

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